Ninja Tag is a twitchy stealth brawler where 2 to 4 players compete to be the ninjaest ninja.  Armed with crossbows or swords, each ninja can lurk in the dark for unexpected backstabbing or zip around the map and strike their opponents before they can react. Quick reflexes and a keen eye will tell where your enemies hide and ensure you live long enough to take them out.

Ninja Tag is being developed for PC and Mac platforms. You can check out the development blog HERE and get in contact through HERE.

Follow the game on twitter @ninjatag

Press kit: HERE!

Stalk your enemies

Backstab your friends

Trick and outsmart everyone!

Ninja Tag was created by Leandro Ribeiro (@leandroigawa). Additional programming by Felipe Ribeiro, art by Emma Wang and music by Neil Quillen and Nathaniel Chambers.

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